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The perception of the media and publishing industry has always preceded with glamor, strong opinions and creating influencers. Today, with the onslaught across all forms of media, consumers have the ability to access, understand and make decisions on variety of issues. It has pervaded not just to our living rooms, but is now an intrinsic part of our private lives. Evidently, this has been possible by massive investments that were done by media giants that has enabled content and images to be beamed real-time to it audience.

This is also the result of a robust infrastructure with the capability to sustain huge volumes. With the equilibrium now tilting from content creators to the consumers who can voice their views with strong likes and dislikes, the need of ensuring the consistency in availability across all media platforms has become paramount. Critical investments in content management, digital distribution, production management is being done on a massive scale for ensuring connectivity and sustaining consumer loyalty.

Key Reasons to invest in Media & Publishing solutions

Investments in the media and publishing segment have always been traditionally huge, but the ability to quantify its ROI successfully is proving to be easy only in this era. Mobveus has been successfully providing incisive insights that can help media houses to plan their investments with the right modules, and achieve quick ROI on their efforts.

Only those firms are able to survive who can maintain quality in their outcomes in this segment. With a strong talented team, the need is to have an equally nimble technology partner. Mobveus’ team has worked with several publishing firms and has played a pivotal role in their success.

One of the most exciting formats today is the availability of content across all digital platforms. This makes it live, quick and rich to its audience - clearly requiring a mature partner who has done and delivered these solutions over a period of time.
Revenue in the media segment is driven through the success of being a leader, and a consistent one at that. Providing the requisite support for content management, helping identify the gaps, remediating errors, improving allocation of systems, providing insights on audience behaviors are some of the offerings Mobveus has provided to marquee firms in the industry.

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