Take decisions with mobile analytics on the move

Having access to data and proof points is just one part of the story. How to leverage that data, across multi devices, multiple applications, tools and then provide a dashboard view of the usage through a rich interface – is what Enterprises need to have in place. The availability of integrated analysis for teams that engage with customers is critical for the success of the organization.

Equally essential is how the analytics needs to show tangible reports, provide simple access, indicate areas of improvement, deviations that need to be remedied, and how the firm is faring are important. Investing in technology tools needs to be with a purpose, it also needs to show the ROI through performance tracking and analytics help provide decisive details for the Enterprise.

Key Reasonsto adopt Mobile Data Analytics

It is expected that analytics tools are compatible across devices. However, their effectiveness can be leveraged with a trusted partner who can support and integrate them across all applications. Mobveus has played a critical role in doing pioneering efforts for Enterprises who were unable to extract the best out of their investments through these solutions.

Mobveus’ analytics tools are designed with the purpose of being agnostic across devices. Also factors in the long usage for some segments of business, and the ability to sustain heavy volumes that may come up unanticipated.

If data and insights are available across Cloud, the scope to access it swiftly, and take decisions become a necessary feature. Mobveus has deployed several analytics solutions and customized mobile analytics dependent on the needs of the business. There is no force-fit of solutions to show deployment, but only relevant solutions that are deployed on cloud that bring tangible benefits to the Enterprise.

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