How will SAP Cloud make a difference?

SaaS is the Cutting Edge Standard of the Tech Powered Business Market. According to Gartner, 26% of all enterprise software applications will be delivered through the SaaS model by 2015 and SaaS revenue is expected to reach a staggering $41.1 billion by 2016 as more companies are starting to invest in cloud. Given all the SaaS statistics, it’s not really a question of what SaaS is anymore but really why it’s such a big deal.

5 REASONSReasons why SaaS will Rock Your Business.

Software as a Service is opening up a world of unprecedented opportunities for ISVs as the cost of innovation goes down dramatically with SaaS. SaaS users have the freedom to innovate much more rapidly through testing out various SaaS products with minimal financial commitment.

One of the biggest benefits of Software as a Service is reduced costs not just for you but for your customer as well. Software vendors don’t have to spend a huge amount in logistics, infrastructure or support because all they have to do is maintain a single copy of the application

Time is always in short supply when you’re running your own business — there’s no one to delegate to. Salesforce gives you great features for managing your customers. It’s easy to track activities and see whether you’re spending time on the people and deals that are going to make you money.
With Software as a Service, you aren’t limited to accessing it only in the office. The business application is accessible anywhere, anytime due to its online availability. With SaaS, customers can respond to market changes quickly by assessing their business needs and scaling their costs and products accordingly.
Newer features and modules can be added with much more ease than with on-premise software, giving SaaS companies an amazing opportunity to respond to flux in the market on an ongoing basis. With Saas, the most decisive advantage is its revenue driving model which enables continuity as opposed to Software as a Product where, after the product is bought, there isn’t as much scope for revenue generation. PS Credits: http />/

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