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The size of mobile driven businesses can easily qualify to be the size of an economy of a small nation. The ability to communicate is now proving to be a smaller percentage than all other activities that are now being done over mobile devices. All this clearly begets the need to have monitoring tools that help to augment services, where the usage and pattern of certain business specific apps need to be understood.

Investing in mobile monitoring solutions can provide capabilities to solve problems, enhance capacities and importantly translate mediocre customer engagement to a superior experience. These solutions also help Enterprises to plan their outreach, and specifically identify key thrust points that can accelerate the growth of businesses. Further, increasing new lines of businesses can also be dependent on the scope of reaching new customers through mobile devices – and help in monitoring how they are faring and take relevant measures to sustain their growth charter.

Key Reasonsto adopt Mobile Monitoring solutions

Businesses today can randomly deploy several tools on their applications and may not understand which of those are optimally used. Mobveus’ mobile monitoring solutions help Enterprises to identify the specific app usages, key engagement tools, peak usage interfaces and several such instances quickly so that the businesses can plan their business strategy accordingly.

Mobveus solutions provides an integrated assessment of the user experience across mobile and web applications and a dashboard perspective of how the app is faring across all browsers, compatibility, ease of usage, and interface experience. These will emerge of critical importance over the next few years.

The Millennial generation’s expectations and temperament towards technology is starkly different than the previous generations. They need the app response to everything instantly, ability to multi-task, have best-in-class interface, feature rich and the intuitiveness during use – all these are now being supplemented by Mobveus in its monitoring solution to reflect the performance of these applications.
No tool can operate in silos or with functionality that is not Socially agnostic. Mobveus’ mobile monitoring tools have inbuilt specifications that is able to draw the performance along with the businesses Social approach, that helps reflect on the strategy adopted for these platforms.

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