Sales solutions for Businesses in the Social era

Enterprises today are adept at serving customer requirements effortlessly. However, where they severely lack is the blend of traditional expertise and understanding of Digital transformation that is the new imperative. Businesses have challenges that have evolved from the legacy era to a scenario today where changes take place faster. It’s no longer about ability to manage applications, architectures, data centers or storage but the ability to have it compatible with cloud, mobile and social elements seamlessly.

Your technology partner needs to have the capability to bring forth the vision to guide, counsel you on how to leverage the technology landscape effectively. That’s where a proven partner in Sales solutions can help build and convert that critical pipeline to real customers and increasing profits.

Key Reasonsto adopt Sales solutions

Enabling sales representatives to update customer profiles from any device (laptops, tablets or smartphones) with a single click is now an imperative. Mobveus implementations pick update from scanning letterheads, business cards and digital cards. Sales teams can move swiftly and accurately, with the ability to leverage the data while on the move.

Enable your store customers to buy from various Point-of-Sale devices. Consumers can check for prices, compare different brands and make a purchase; all from the same device. Data will be available for you to take decisions real time. And importantly, this will also give you a perspective on the right product placements in your stores. Summarily, helping you manage inventory efficiently.

Several studies have shown that a product loses its charm due to ineffective services support. Our proven service support mechanism for sales ensures a 30% increase in sales for our customers. Our systems help in initiating returns online, enables home pickup of returned items by mapping logistics as well as at stores, and manage shipping to warehouse. This data is submitted right back into the CRM and can be used to evaluate customer satisfaction. Customers can also leverage the functionality to track the business performance during the entire lifecycle, helping identify and address key pain points successfully.

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