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Tourism has been one of those industries that drives the growth of economies and sustains millions of livelihoods. It also happens to be one of those segments that SMBs have a large presence – from ticket bookings, planning holidays to helping customize bulk bookings. With seasonality being a key contributor to this segment, the increase in volumes can be severe and that’s where ensuring consistent engagement with customers can help firms grow.

A superior customer experience is what will be the enabler for customers looking to plan their travel, and that will increasingly play a pivotal role. Firms will need to go beyond planning their travel itineraries, towards understanding the time spent by customers on portals, and provide a sense of assurance on the quality of experience they will receive.

Key Reasons to adopt Hospitality focused solutions

The outreach to customers and the scope of driving traffic so that they are able to navigate in simpler, easier manner to close transactions is paramount. There are several off the shelf tools available which do not provide the end to end integration of applications. Mobveus has been following this segment and has collaborated with firms to plan their end to end CRM management, thereby helping them accelerate their growth.

Management of portals requires the business to invest in relevant applications, tools, licenses and several other specifics which some businesses may not be able to plan independently. Mobveus with its expertise in portal management is aware of these requirements, especially when volumes can impact businesses and customer experience is critical for success.

The fundamentals in the hospitality segment is to ensure zero downtime, be it when receiving calls or when a customer is planning to book her reservation. The necessary support at the interface level along with the back-end technology applications has been managed by Mobveus for several marquee brands. The success of several players is evidence of the success in investing with the relevant technology vendor.
Expectation of uniform access over all devices not just by consumers but also agents, intermediaries, authorities is no longer a given. The ability to navigate and provide access across all segments enabling smooth transactions till the last mile gateway has been done by Mobveus for several Enterprises. Customers trust Enterprises to help them deliver fond memories, and repeat them again and again flawlessly.

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